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Commission Surfer Rosa and Roy :iconlaxia:Laxia 4 2
Personal Prison Break Part 2
It had been two days now since Elaina had begun her plan in secret, away from any and all eyes of the League.  It had taken very little time to prepare for this moment, as she had never expected Team PHANTOM to fulfill their end of the “bargain” in the first place, and thus had been working on her own course of action since the Conference of the Rebel Forces had ended.  She knew that the teenage team’s focus was far too widespread, too unrefined, and that this little “side mission” they had so eagerly snatched up would easily slip through the cracks of their larger agenda.  But this was to Elaina’s advantage, for now that Metro City was in the public eye, a threat breathing down its neck from an unknown and powerful party, she could work swiftly behind the scenes without being disturbed, distracted or detected.
Ays had been sent off some time ago on her own; the 13-year-old agent the only one capable of carrying out the second half of
:iconlaxia:Laxia 1 0
Personal Prison Break Part 1
The Conference of the Rebel Forces had ended in disaster; anyone saying otherwise was either a fool or a special case of delusional optimist.  In the course of one night, the meeting had ended with two of the rebel factions seceded, one crippled, and one of the numerous attendees dead.  Rather than bringing the groups together, united against a common goal, the conference had all but fatally wounded the so called “Rebel Alliance”.  It was a fact that no one wanted to admit to, but any chance they had at working together had died with Devin that night.
It was true that some ragtag agents from those departing teams, some teenagers from Team PHANTOM, and the few remaining loyal members of the LoS, had agreed to fight for a common goal, but their resolve didn’t make up for the total suffered loss.  With all that had transpired, the task of those hopeful few was all but dead in the water.
Everything had begun to go wrong as soon as the multiple groups h
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PHANTOM - Conference of the Rebel Forces Timeline :iconlaxia:Laxia 2 2 Atop the Barracks :iconlaxia:Laxia 7 2 PHANTOM - State Of The Union Timeline :iconlaxia:Laxia 3 2 PHANTOM - Recent History Timeline :iconlaxia:Laxia 1 3 PHANTOM - Historic Timeline :iconlaxia:Laxia 1 4
The Joyride - Part 3
Saraya stumbled back, now more exhausted and sick than before.  Sweat rolled from her forehead and dripped from her nose; her body was rejecting the magic that had been put into it, and now that it was gone it was sweating the remnants out of her system.  The resulting illness of the purge had inevitably led to the several large bruises that now branded her skin with broken blood vessels.  She had learned the hard way that this girl, Jessie, could cause instantaneous tremors to erupt from any surface she touched; including the human body.  All Saraya had done was get touched, and yet it looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to her limbs and side.
“Getting tired?”  Jessie sneered as she hopped on her toes, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.  She gestured Saraya forward with her hands.  “C’mooooooon, bring it~  What’s the matter, kitty cat?  You’re not lookin’ so hot!”  S
:iconlaxia:Laxia 1 2
The Joyride - Part 2
“Don’t you EVER do that again!!”  Saraya roared as she punched Roberto in the gut, jumping away from the bike as the boy put it in park.  The swordsman doubled over from the strike and almost fell off his motorcycle.
“You’re the one who told me to speed up!”  He growled, clutching his stomach.
“Yes, but who in their right mind drives at 140 miles an hour?!”  Roberto grinned.
“I could have gone faster, but you looked scared enough already.”  Saraya pounced on him immediately without response; letting her fists talk for her as she pounded away on his skull.  “Ow!  Stop it!  Back off!!”  Roberto exclaimed as he shoved the girl away.  “You really need to learn how to take a joke.”  Saraya frowned and pointed at her face.
“Do I look like someone who enjoys jokes?”  She asked rhetorically.  “No, I don’t think so.” &
:iconlaxia:Laxia 1 0
The Joyride - Part 1
Saraya sat on the floor of her room, the back of her head a battering ram to the wall behind her.  The rhythmic pounding was light enough to keep the strikes from harming her, but for the purpose of driving away her depressing thoughts, it was failing.  Only with time did the sheer number of constant hits start getting under Saraya’s skin, convincing her slowly that she may have a headache should she not stop sometime soon.  But this threat didn’t press her cycle to break; she didn’t care about what further pain she could cause herself, for she was already aching.
With minutes passing, some outside force, drawn in by the incessant noise, stepped in to put this annoyance to an end.  The response came as the rap of knuckles on the door, Saraya’s banging having carried out from her room and into the hall to catch some passerby’s attention.  “Saraya?”  A voice came from the other side.  “What are you doing i
:iconlaxia:Laxia 0 2
A Game of Discord Part 12
Eventually a small breeze whistled through the caverns, growing louder at points, then quiet again; making a few of the group believe that Ays was leading them in the wrong direction.  No one would voice this concern however, as they didn’t want to deal with Elaina.  But soon enough worry infected all those in the group as Ays suddenly stopped, perking up as though hearing something.  She sniffed again, silently, and then glanced one way and then another.  Briefly the child looked over her shoulder at the others, but after seeing that they had given no reactions to anything, she pressed on.
She narrowed her gaze the further she went, and her pointed fox ears raised.  This slight feeling of confusion, aggravation and fear was causing her shift into Creatura state, but thankfully only her ears had undergone a change.  At least this animal part allowed her to hear better, even if she was hearing something that had gone unnoticed by the others.  To
:iconlaxia:Laxia 0 0
Pressing On - Mathias (Part 2)
A long subway ride began their journey.  Being that Mathias had already traveled from Ferme to Krieg once today, traveling back to Ferme almost made it seem like his prior trip was a waste of time.  But at least he was with Scarlet during this excursion, and she made the subway trip fly by quickly in pulling out her guitar to pass the time.  Her music succeeded in soothing any tension away; mental tension that is, for sitting on a subway for four-ish hours worked on Mathias’ rump and back to the point where sitting was no longer an option.  But public transportation had never been hailed for having first-class comfort, so this had been expected.
The bus ride was much better in that particular department, and shorter as well.  After finally stepping from the underground subway station into Dorian, Mathias escorted Scarlet to the nearest bus stop where they then climbed aboard the first transit heading to the outskirts of the city.
As they traveled Mathias
:iconlaxia:Laxia 1 0
Phantom Sketch Dump...3? :iconlaxia:Laxia 4 8
Pressing On - Mathias (Part 1)
Mathias was in better spirits than one would expect for someone who had just been tossed out of their home.  No, tossed was too powerful a word for Mathias, as he had not been forced to leave the circus.  The fisherman had left on his own, but had not been the only one to do so.  Ria, his fellow performer, had chosen to leave as well when Madam Replay had returned with only two circus members in tow rather than four on that night three days ago.
At first he had thought nothing of it; despite Anima and Saraya having their differences, the two could work wonders as a team if need be, and so Mathias assumed that they had simply been sent out on a mission together.  But when learning from Jericho that such was not that case, that both had been banished from the circus’ hold, Mathias demanded the details of what had happened during the conference of the rebel forces.  What he was told angered him.
The fisherman shared what he learned with the others; namely Ri
:iconlaxia:Laxia 0 0
Surrender@20 :iconlaxia:Laxia 9 1

Random Favourites

The Temple of the Dead
"Oh hear my prayers, Lord Revon, God of Death and Disaster. Bring your wrath down on who I seek justice on!"
Lord Revon's alter remained at peace despite the follower's ritual and offering they had left. The empty throne of the Titan King remained empty. The follower let out a sign of annoyance and crossed their arms over their chest. Despite all their efforts of pleading to the Titan God, there calls were not answered. It's usually expected. But with the summoning ritual they had performed, he should have come out. He should be sitting right in the empty throne like how it was supposed to be intended. Why wouldn't it work?
Just then, while they were deep in thought, the doors slammed shut. The gust of wind from the doors blew out all the candle lights in a graceful action. The follower screamed a bit. But after a moment of darkness and silence, a few of the lights lit up. Being light enough to show a bit around the temple, but yet dim enough to barely see anywhere further than twenty
:iconryosinna:RyoSinna 3 7
Snowy Days :iconryosinna:RyoSinna 7 13 Playing Video Games :iconriku-cloudloveri3:riku-cloudloverI3 4 7 WS - The Sandwich :iconfunkyalien:funkyalien 8,765 2,088
Slave For A Week - Day Six
Roberto nervously adjusted his grip upon his motorcycle's handles. Riding behind him was Saraya, who clutched tightly to the curves of the seat in order to ensure that she didn't fall off.
The morning had gone in an interesting way after a normal thing. After he had limbered up early in the morning and done Anima's exercises again, he had failed....again. He was little more pleased with his progress this time around, however, as he was able to limp back to his tent this time around. But as soon as he had recovered, which was by about ten o'clock, Saraya demanded a train ride to Metro City.
"Can I ask where we're going?"
"Nope!" Saraya shook her head.
"It's a surprise."
"Considering my current situation," Roberto answered in a cautious tone, "I don't like surprises right now, and the only hint you've given me is that it is, in fact, a surprise."
Saraya shrugged. "Fine, I'll give you another hint if you stop whining."
"I won't," he assured. "So what is it?"
"It's not the kind of s
:iconj0hnny0hm:J0hnny0hm 1 3
Shrub Monkeys 120 :iconktshy:ktshy 953 241 Digital painting demo 3 :iconirving-zero:irving-zero 154 17
Slave For A Week - Day Five
After his speech to Saraya about why he continued to go through with being her slave, Roberto felt confident that the final three days were going to be better, at least mood-wise. As a result, he slept very well. Physically, he showed no sign of worry, irritation, or otherwise.
But in his head, he was being proven wrong in the worst possible way: His nightmare was returning, with another possibility of torture being presented.
Roberto's eyes wavered, trying to form a clear picture of his surroundings. He clenched his eyes, then reopened them. Looking around, he saw a perfectly magejstic refrigerator, several times the normal size of what it should be. That's what clued him in on what was happening.
She did this? Roberto thought, standing up to his full height of two inches, a leathery tail sprouting from his rear. I get her back into a good mood, and she does THIS to me?
"Good morning," a voice spoke to him.
:iconj0hnny0hm:J0hnny0hm 1 2
TP Titan God: Mistress Thalina :iconryosinna:RyoSinna 4 6 tutorial - horse hooves :iconm-u-h-a:m-u-h-a 4,313 278 Hydrix Rendo :iconryosinna:RyoSinna 6 7 Commi- Samus and Mama Brain :iconpriscillatr:PriscillaTR 422 96 Samus in Maridia :iconjaquio:Jaquio 2,695 557
Slave For A Week - Day Four
After the incident the previous day where he had let an unfortunate word of regardment slip out, Roberto was becoming incredibly annoyed by Saraya's newfound pride. Every time he felt she might pull back a little bit, he was sorely disproved.
One such instance was about to occur yet again, where Saraya led Roberto to a small forest near the circus. "What're we doing here?" Roberto wondered out loud.
"You're going to put that machete to good use," Saraya answered.
"There are tons of weeds back here."
"They've gotten pretty big from lack of attention."
"So we want you to cut them down to size."
"Then you should be able to pull them out more easily," she finished, handing Roberto a pair of work gloves.
"Okay," Roberto replied. He placed the gloves on his hands before pulling out his machete, immediately chopping one down. Satisfied, he yanked the stub from the ground. A small pile of dirt was uplifted as he pulled up one of the many infestations rooted in the ground. He look
:iconj0hnny0hm:J0hnny0hm 1 7
Lots of stuff that I'm a fan of as well as art that just looks awesome. They're mostly separated accordingly so that they're easy to look through.



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Hey guys.  Despite appearances, no, this account isn't dead or anything, I've simply been working on things offline to further larger goals.  Yes, I know I said the same basic thing about six months ago, but it still holds true, and, alas, the things I've been wanting to expand upon are just as deep as before.  But I'm making headway...just not showing it.  Showing things without revealing spoilers leaves basically nothing to really show at all, you know?  I've also just plainly been busy with life with work and other things; most of which is reading.  Now that my neck isn't out of place (after several months and an unknown amount of chiropractor visits), I can finally sit down and read books that I've been wanting to get to and through for literal years without being floored by killer headaches in following.  I've already caught up on one series, and am now reading through the Forgotten Realms (two books down), and H.P. Lovecraft's works.  This is proving to be helping my writing a lot, as I'd hoped, and I'd like to get some of what has been and will be written on here eventually.  As these new writings are part of one of my larger projects though, I'd like to get a little deeper into it before revealing things.  So basically this is just an update to let you know that I am still alive, still working, and am still planning to put things out in due time.

Comic Things

Wouldn't you like to know~?

Other Art <--if it's not started, it may be dropped

Character designs for Two Voices
^ Yes, this is one of the large projects I've been working on, and is the basis for future stories and art


Working on things for Two Voices.  I have one chapter completed and am now working on the next.


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